Is PUBG better than Free Fire? Comparison of PUBG VS Free Fire

PUBG VS Free Fire these two games are the revolutionary games for the Indian Gaming Community to Brings this madness, mainly the PUBG Mobile. There is no need to deny the fact that PUBG Mobile is a popular game ever made. Garena Free Fire, on the other hand, is a Battle Royale that introduces traditional Indian gamers to the genre and later to PUBG. Before we start arguing about PUBG VS Free Fire which is best, let’s look at the pros and cons of each game.

Free Fire VS PUBG Mobile Pros And Cons:

Pros of Free Fire:

  1. It can be finished in 15-20 minutes,
  2. Since it’s not as realistic as PUBG, it has a lot of great additions like glow wall, character skills, etc. that make the gameplay fun.,
  3. It has unrealistic but great graphics,
  4. It takes up less space,
  5. You can play it on both low-end and high-end devices.

Cons of Free Fire:

  1. If players land in the same area, the game may lag behind the low-end device,
  2. It shows no glitches or backs for a few days after each update.

Pros of PUBG Mobile:

  1. This is a really popular game,
  2. The graphics are realistic,
  3. It contains lots of weapons and healing items,
  4. It has advanced control,
  5. A player can use a gyroscope to improve gameplay,
  6. Players can talk to anyone through ‘All Chat’,
  7. The game also provides additional chat options.

Cons of PUBG Mobile:

  1. It can only be played on high-end devices,
  2. It takes a long time to complete.

PUBG VS Free Fire Differences:

PUBG VS Free Fire has many differences that are.



I think the map is too big and it takes 30 minutes to cook your chicken dinner. And if you die in the end, it’s sad.

Free Fire:

The map is ideal for players searching for fast action and therefore the entire booyah takes close to eighteen minutes. And it’s rather more fun due to the important players and after you reach the last circle by killing the important one and take your win away then it positively provides you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment due to living for therefore long and taking down the important enemies. On the opposite hand in PUBG survival is way a lot easier to create to the ultimate rounds and plenty of times, I even have won my chicken dinner killing bots in the final.


PUBG: Has wide-ranging into vehicles from speed boats to dirt cars that make exploring the map abundant fun and shooting whereas in an exceeding car.

Free Fire: few vehicles and not even four-seaters make the travel of squad along troublesome and one odd bike however they remunerated that by providing an amphibian vehicle that runs on each land and water.


PUBG: There ar a heap of bots particularly in Erangel. I won my chicken dinner within the second match, bots kill the sport. they do not move around abundant and taking a few bullets they lie to fireside, they need this same pattern. Out of one hundred players, you will find nearly forty real ones, and also the 40:60 magnitude relation bots is that the main draw back of the sport.

Free Fire: All the players here square measure real. albeit there can be some bots they o.k. shrewdness to kick your butts. Till now, I have never noticed an identical pattern in players that qualifies them to create larva and that they square measure taking an additional step ahead to create the sport a lot of rather higher for its players.


PUBG: The guns here area unit higher far better. Even the enemy is five hundred meters away you’ll be able to take them down simply. For beginners the recoil can be a touch of downside however with time they’ll learn to handle it. and also the suppressor & compensator add further points to the sport.

Free Fire: does not provide you a sensible feel as a result of little recoil and has solely a 4x scope that is not of abundant use. If you notice somebody secluded and need to require down the enemy in a very single headshot then you will not be able to and need to hearth blindly on his body that takes time & they may escape.


PUBG: a little question that it offers the most effective graphics from all alternative battle royale games. however, you wish to put in third-party gfx tools from the Play Store and knowledge the extremist one that the official developers do not provide, however.

Free Fire: Honestly it’s been passionate about it has taken inspiration from the cartoon shows or movies. That looks like animated & cartoonish.

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