Top 5 Best AR Guns in COD Mobile 2021

Top 5 Best AR Guns in COD Mobile 2021

COD Mobile may be a competitive shooter mobile game that depends heavily on its weapon categories. There square measure many weapon classes in COD Mobile. the sport has divided these weapon classes supported their usage. This article can take a more in-depth look into the assault rifles class. Assault Rifles, additionally known by their short-form … Read more

Which Game is better for 2GB RAM Phone : COD Mobile vs Free Fire?

COD Mobile VS Free Fire

COD Mobile vs Free Fire is the most popular mobile game at this time. With the increase in popularity of the mobile gaming community, several games like COD Mobile vs Free Fire have emerged as popular options. After the ban of PUBG Mobile, both the games have also received a big boost in India. These … Read more

New 10v10 Mode in Call of Duty Mobile Season 9

COD Mobile 10v10 Gamemode

On the off chance that 5v5 battles were not giving you enough kick, at that point set yourself up in light of the fact that Call of Duty Mobile has authoritatively reported delivering another 10v10 Collection Mode in Season 9. It will be an easygoing mode and might be accessible in Public Matches, don’t you … Read more Protection Status