Best 4 Finger Claw Settings in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile offers players various customizable settings, enabling them to reinforce their gameplay and have a joyful experience. They have the option to create their own layouts based on preferences and the device they are using.
Some players prefer to use the two-finger / thumb layout, others prefer the 3/4 finger layout. Many players prefer the 4 finger claw setting, as it aids and enables them to move around while shooting. Though it doesn’t mean in any way that thumb players are inferior. With that in mind, here is that the best 4 finger layout that players can try in PUBG Mobile.

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What are the 4 finger claw settings in PUBG Mobile?


In the 4-finger nail setup, the player holds the mobile with six fingers in the hand, making nail-like movements on the opposite four fingers. The main reason for using this setup is that it allows the player to leap, move, shop around, and shoot simultaneously. It gives the player a plus in close range combat.
Players prefer four-fingers over two-finger setups because it is not possible to walk, shoot and search simultaneously with a two-finger setup.


The ‘Pick and Fire’ setting will offer a choice to shoot at the target while behind the enabled cover along with the ‘Pick and Open Scope’ setting.


This setup is very useful in close range combat and it helps in conflict control. The usage of the thumb is suggested to aim at the enemies.
Moving around and controlling the recoil are often done by dragging your fingers down the screen, while the index should ideally be used for shooting and peeking.

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