Which Game is better for 2GB RAM Phone : COD Mobile vs Free Fire?

COD Mobile vs Free Fire is the most popular mobile game at this time. With the increase in popularity of the mobile gaming community, several games like COD Mobile vs Free Fire have emerged as popular options.

After the ban of PUBG Mobile, both the games have also received a big boost in India.

These titles boast substantial player bases and have many downloads on Google Play Store.

But not everyone features a high-end device to play them.

Therefore, many people match Free Fire and COD mobiles to determine which is best for phones with 2GB RAM.

In this article, we glance at the features that both games have and evaluate which one is best for such devices.

COD Mobile VS Free Fire Comparison:

Characters and pets are a number of the many factors behind the recognition of Free Fire.

This game offers the users over 30 characters and ten pets, with each having a singular ability.

On the opposite hand, COD Mobile provides users with an in-depth collection of game modes.

Also, it consists of interesting features like score strike, operator efficiency, and much more.

Both games receive regular updates that keep players hooked.

But with the recent Gunner update on COD Mobile, gamers can customize weapons with more than 70 attachments.

At the same time, Free Fire has fewer device requirements that give users a smoother combat royal experience on devices with 2GB of RAM.

Coming to the BR mode, Free Fire offers users a better number of maps.

In contrast, COD Mobile has more than 15 multiplayer maps.

The choice between these games depends on the opinion of the players.

If they like to possess an overall smoother BR experience, then Free Fire is that the go-to game.

But if they want to undertake out the big variety of game modes, COD is that the better option.

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