What is Aim Assist in PUBG Mobile? It’s Good And Bad

PUBG Mobile has grown exponentially in the mobile gaming community and has recently grown significantly in its active player base. Playing games hour after an hour has increased the competition and also the skills of the players.

Target support in PUBG Mobile is a feature that helps in targeting and is used to fill the lack of precise control when using the controller. This basically allows players to better aim and control their cross-hair placement while playing on a controller or mobile device.

What is the Aim Assist?

Aim Assist is a helpful gaming technology that is not limited to PUBG or other mobile games where if you scroll your crosshairs to a goal, the game will automatically help you and drop your crosshairs to the target and prevent you from moving away easily if you can’t move the target.

This is often seen in console-based video games and mobile games where the task of aiming accurately is quite difficult. In PUBG in particular, Aim Assist is available during hip-firing. It doesn’t activate when you’re aiming for sights because it gives you very accurate shots and in most cases leads to unfair advantage.

We analyze this feature in detail on PUBG Mobile to help players get the most out of it:


Let’s take a look at the benefits of target support on PUBG Mobile.

Reaction speed:

Human body responses play an important role in mapping out how the goal will help during gameplay. Therefore, it is very important to include it in the parameters that govern the target system. On average, a player can go anywhere between 300mm and 500m in response to something in the game. This is enhanced by the Goal Aid feature.

The Aim:

This system is clearly designed to help improve a player’s goals. Lots of ideas are tested when using goal support, which results in considerable improvement in the goal of the players.


Now for its commitment to PUBG Mobile.

Multiple Targets:

In many cases, the aid goal seems to be simply to refrain from fighting, as it can become too stingy and become burdensome to the algorithms that manage the gameplay. Therefore, it is always a good idea to give it back when there are many targets in the field of philosophy.

Long-range conjecture:

Target support is usually damp when working with long-range weapons. Adding targets to long-range projectiles will make them big hacks. Many times, the algorithm also shots from the head into the body which is a nuisance.

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