So, how will the official statement given by PUBG Corporation a couple of days ago, after that we all had a lot of questions in the mind that what is going to happen next, is There will be a banned on PUBG Mobile? Based on the sources Now PUBG Corporation Is going to remove partnership … Read more

How to Defeat the Secret Boss in PUBG Mobile The Ancient Secret Mode

PUBG Mobile The Ancient Secret Mode Guide

In this article, we’ll talk about ‘The Ancient Secret’ mode in PUBG Mobile and guide you through this new mode Ancient Secret mode guide, how you can get the best loots, and survive till the end to get the Chicken Dinner in Ancient Secret mode. What is Ancient Secret mode in PUBG Mobile? Indeed, it is … Read more

PUBG Mobile New 1.0 Update And Erangel 2.0 Hints

Erangel 2.0 Hints

Hello guys, today we are going to talk about the PUBG Mobile New 1.0 Update And Erangel 2.0 Leaks. The PUBG Mobile 1.0 beta update is required to be released soon and for the individuals who are pondering, v0.19.0 won’t be trailed by a 0.20.0 form. Rather, another arrangement has been presented, with the following … Read more


Today we are discussing “NEW PRIVACY POLICY FOR PUBG MOBILE  IN INDIA” And “PUBG MOBILE Is NO MORE BAN IN INDIA”. As a matter of first importance, We open in PUBG Mobile, see the image from howl, then there we currently observe the protection strategy for clients in India PUBG MOBILE Is NO MORE BAN … Read more

How to Reach Conqueror in Season 14 in PUBG Mobile

How to Reach 'Conqueror' Tier

The PUBG Mobile is the most played mobile game in the world. The PUBG Mobile recently launched Season 14 on its global servers. The weapons, maps, and survival are not the only fascinating things. The game has more than 400 million registered users on the platform. PUBG Mobile has various in-game levels like Bronze, Silver, … Read more

Best Gun Combinations For Close Range Fight in PUBG Mobile

Best Gun Combinations For Close Range Fight in PUBG Mobile

Many of these come from a Best Gun combination of the weapons you use. Each gun in the game is designed for a different purpose and can give great results if operated right. A small circle area means opponents can kill you before you can shoot. Of course, bringing a sniper rifle with a 4x … Read more

How To Control Recoil of AKM in PUBG Mobile

How To Control Recoil of AKM in PUBG Mobile

In PUBG Mobile AKM is the Most Powerful and Popular Gun in PUBG which is easily findable everywhere in any Map. It takes 7.62mm ammo. However, due to its superior conflict, not everyone can catch it or say that most players avoid it and choose M416 or M762 instead. But here I want to share … Read more

Red Dot vs Holographic Scope in PUBG Mobile

Holographic Sight Vs Red Dot Sight: Which Sight Attachment Is Better In PUBG Mobile

Red Dot and Holographic Sight scopes are the two best options for close combat. But many players are still confused that which sight attachment is better in PUBG Mobile. Red Dot vs Holographic Sight are mostly used Scope in PUBG Mobile. So we talk about this topic, So Lets Start. Comparison of Red dot vs … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About PUBG Mobile Season 14

PUBG Mobile Season 14

Although half of PUBG Mobile Season 13 has not passed, fans and players are highly awaiting for the next season PUBG Mobile Season 14 Leaks. If you are interested to know about PUBG Mobile Season 14 Release Date, Rewards, New Features & More, so this article is only for you. And I would like to … Read more

How to Master in Close Combat in PUBG Mobile

How to Master in Close Combat in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is the Most Played Mobile Game in The World. PUBG Mobile’s great goal revolves around skills and perfect techniques. Both of these points play an important role in getting the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in the game. Many players in the game have very close proximity skills and can easily knock you out … Read more Protection Status