Red Dot vs Holographic Scope in PUBG Mobile

Red Dot and Holographic Sight scopes are the two best options for close combat. But many players are still confused that which sight attachment is better in PUBG Mobile. Red Dot vs Holographic Sight are mostly used Scope in PUBG Mobile. So we talk about this topic, So Lets Start.

Comparison of Red dot vs Holographic scope:

So basically it all depends on you, what you prefer. If you are asking my perspective then I would say both depending upon the situations. But let’s find out the better sight attachment in this game.


You need to use different scopes at a different times. So If you used a holographic sight with the gun with great recoil rates that will be good for you. Meanwhile, a red dot sight would be a great choice for SMGs and 5.56-ammo guns, such as M416, SCAR-L, etc. If you want a more stable sight for targeting when you aim at the enemies then the Holo is good for you. Holographic sight does not help reduce the recoil rate of the weapons.

If you have experience with all guns, and adept at their conflict patterns, you may prefer to use red dot in all the guns.

Area Of View:

In terms of viewing area, the red dot gives the PUBG mobile player a wider and clearer view of the surroundings. Red dot is hands down the best scope for tracing objects in PUBG Mobile. On the other hand, the holographic sight produces a sort of obstruction around your object.

Holographic Sight
Holographic Sight
Red Dot
Red Dot

In PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 updates has launch a new Sight named As canted sight.

It totally depends on you, good players can play without a scope and a newbie won’t be able to play with any scopes.

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