PUBG Mobile Pro Tips By Maxtern

Hello guys, today we are going to talk about the PUBG Mobile Pro Tips thats are shared with us by the Popular and one of the best PUBG Mobile Player and Streamer Maxtern.

What is PUBG Mobile?

First of all, I tell you full name of PUBG ( PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds ).

Player can play in two modes either they can play arcade mode or classic mode.

In arcade mode, there are different type of mission or mode available to play. Small war, sniper training and etc.

In classic mode, there are Four type of map present so players choose own map and then they can play it. Before few day one update was came with one new map, that map’s name is Vikendi. Remains three maps name are Miramar & Erangel,Shanhok.

Who is Maxtern?

Maxtern is a PUBG Mobile player based in India, and he would like to think to gained popularity for my gaming, casting, e-sports and social media skills. He started my YouTube journey with mobile game Mini Militia, and soon found success in PUBG Mobile.

Lets me show the basic controls,settings and sensitivity of Maxtern.

Controls Of Maxtern

Maxtern used Four Finger Claw for Better Movement and Fast Reflex.

Maxtern's Controls
Nowadays many Pubg mobile players use 4 finger claw setup because it helps you to boost your reaction timing in PUBG Mobile. Maxtern (India) and Biubiu (Malaysia) are the best pro Pubg mobile players in the world who use 4 finger claw settings.

Graphics Settings of Maxtern

Maxtern played in the Extreme and Smooth Graphics.For a Lag Free and Clear Game play.

Maxtern's Graphics
Professional gamers will tell you how much reaction speed comes into play, and a low framerate is a bottleneck – something that limits their natural ability to play. 60FPS and above is the dream and Extreme and Smooth give us the 60FPS.

Sensitivity Settings of Maxtern

All The Sensitivity setting are Customized and Maxtern played with gyroscope.

Maxtern's Sensitivity
The camera setting in PUBG means how fast you’ll be able to look around while aiming. This can be with or without a scope. The accepted norm is to decrease the sensitivity as the scope increases.

Camera Sensitivity

Maxtern's Camera Sensitivity
1.Camera Sensitivity (free look) = anytime you are not looking down a scope or iron sights. 2.Camera = when you are looking down a scope or iron sights.

Gyroscope Sensitivity

What is a gyroscope in PUBG mobile?

The gyroscope is actually a sensor on your mobile, which can automatically detect the orientation of your screen. Most players use gyroscopes to play better on PUBG Mobiles.

Maxtern's Gyroscope Sensitivity
We use 4x and 8x for snipers 3x and 6x for AR so the sensitivity is adjusted accordingly.

ADS Sensitivity

Maxtern's ADS Sensitivity
The Full Form of ADS is “Aim down sights” .We can adjust ADS sensitivity for the different scopes.

This all tips will help your to improve your PUBG Mobile Skill to play like Maxtern.

And using this tips your can be pro like Maxtern.

Thank You

This All tips are shared on Instagram by The Maxtern on his account.

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