PUBG Mobile 1.1 Global Version Beta Update for Android Download And Full Guide

The developers of PUBG Mobile released a beta version for players to try out new features and fix any bugs or glitches that may arise Before any updates. They have released the next PUBG Mobile 1.1 beta version which has seen the introduction of several new features. New Metro Royal mode has been also added to the game.

Pubg Mobile Beta 1.1.0 Patch Notes:

Classic Mode Additions & ImprPUBG Mobile 1.1 Global Version Beta Updateovements:

  • New item: Spike Trap.
  • Melee weapons can be thrown or picked up and put into players’ Backpacks etc.

New Metro Royale mode:

  • Maps: Two unique new maps
  • New equipment: New Thermal Sight and Night Vision equipment/New Tikka Rifle.
  • New challenges: Watch out for the Agile bandits/Special monsters etc.

Metro Royale Non-Battle System:

  • New System – Mode Loadout: Equipment configured in the loadout can be brought into battle…
  • New System – Black Market: The Black Market is the exclusive Metro Royale shop etc. PUBG Mobile Beta 1.1.0 will be also adding some more detailed map features such as detailed texture packs for buildings and the environment.

Classic Mode Themed Gameplay:

  • Winter Festival-New Winter Castle Paradise.
  • Visit the Winter Festival hut and gift pine tree etc.

PUBG Mobile 1.1 Global Version Beta Update Download With Full Guide:

The size of the APK is 1.4 GB, so you must make sure you have enough storage space before downloading your device. You can download the latest beta of the global version of the game using the APK file and there is no need for OBB.

PUBG Mobile Global Version 1.1 Beta Update APP Download Link

To Download and Install PUBG Mobile 1.1 Beta, follow these steps:

Step 1:
Download the APK from the links above.
Step 2:

After the download is complete, enable the ‘Install from unknown source option’ if you haven’t enabled it already.

Step 3: 

Locate and install the APK file. After this process is complete, log in with the guest account.

You will now be able to make an effort before introducing new games to the specific game. Since it may be a beta version of PUBG Mobile International, it will not be stable and has some bugs and glitches. Therefore, you will be able to report to their developers so that they are going to be mounted.

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