So, how will the official statement given by PUBG Corporation a couple of days ago, after that we all had a lot of questions in the mind that what is going to happen next, is There will be a banned on PUBG Mobile?

Based on the sources Now PUBG Corporation Is going to remove partnership with Tencent to publish in India, or PUBG Corporation which is LOOKING FOR INDIAN PARTNER, which is an Indian company. It is the most important thing that has come out.

Who Should Collaboration with them?

PUBG Mobile in India and similarly, if the Government of India has imposed a ban on PUBG Mobile, you would think that it is so easy. There is no such thing or there are a lot of things that the Indian government wanted an answer from PUBG Mobile Corporation.

In addition to banning 117 more apps, the Government of India has sent qu0 questions to PUBG Corporation, giving the PUBG Corporation a total of three weeks to respond to them.

PUBG Corporation is trying there best:

PUBG Corporation is trying its best to disseminate all the things of the Indian government so that the security privacy concert which the Indian Government has said may not happen and we all can enjoy this game Safely.

When the PUBG Corporation announced two days ago, he said that he had decided that Tencent Games and PUBG Mobile would not be incomplete in India to exercise their voting rights. So we thought that the PUBG Corporation which could be South Korean There is a publisher level subsidiary company, they will set up a headquarters within India itself.

When does PUBG Mobile come back?

It may be that even if it takes three to five months to get a legitimate game, then at the moment, they have thought the second way is to collaborate with an Indian phone. Speak collaboration with this Indian gaming phone and try this game as soon as possible, this game will come back on the Playstore And App Store.

How will we play if PUBG mobile is banned?

If Banned is done then You Can’t Open The Game, That was blocked from ISP. His servers were taken down, but at the moment, you don’t have anything like that, now he can open the game in a normal way and play the game, so these are very good things, I feel a very positive thing because the Indian Government is with China There is no problem with South Korea in the problem. In fact, the Korean company will do its best because they too were profiting through PUBG mobile, so they would like that this game back in India today they had said another thing in their official announcement which could also be their plan B that’s are discussed above.

So What Happens Now?

I feel that the 99% game will be over within three weeks. If this is not the case, we will have to wait two to three months for the guides. But one thing is sure is the capital Mobile will come to India so let’s hope for the best.

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