How To Maintain High KD Ratio in Season 13

PUBG Mobile has launched a new system to calculate the kill-death ratio in Season 13. All PUBG mobile players surround this new KD System To Maintain High KD Ratio. This is good news for many players and some of them are not satisfied with it.

What is KD in PUBG Mobile?

KD ratio is the Kill-Death ratio of a player and shows the number of kills they have achieved before dying. In the Last Season, many players boosted their Kill-Death ratio just by surviving till the end, with minimum kills.

Now, the new PUBG update brings a new feature where the kill-death ratio is calculated based on the number of homicides in each game, regardless of where the player ultimately survives.

Some Tips to increase your Kill Death ratio(KD) in PUBG  Mobile:

1.Drop Tactic (New Setting)

Matchmaking Settings
Matchmaking Settings

In the Season 13 update, The Matchmaking Settings has added a new Settings or Features. Enable this Drop Tactic option to get your Partner from the Same Tactic. For Example, if you Choice Hot Drop and Play with Random then the Random Player is also select the same option, or if you select Slow and Steady then your Random is also choice the Slow and Steady. It is one of the best updates of PUBG Mobile for me because now you and your Random flow the same Tactic then you can make good communication between You and Your Randoms.

2.Be confident and fearless:

You need to be fearless, careless, and confident. You see or hear people firing, just jump at them. Then, you will curse yourself for getting killed. And this process is important. This way you will get experience and as you slowly progress you will understand when to and how to rush at enemies.

3.Set The Right Map To Play:

Be map specific and practice hard at hot drops. Mark out your favorite places and understand each and every room, cover the place, hiding place, camping place at a particular spot on the map. If the plane route goes your way and you decide to drop at your favorite place, you must be confident that you are gonna come out of the place alive and fully looted after clearing all the enemies. For Example Mylta Power in Erangel , Pecado in Miramar, Paradise Resort in Sanhok, and Winery in Vikendi. I am 100% confident that if I drop at any of these places, I am going to clear them.

4.If You are a Not a Rank Pusher:

If K/D ratio is your only aim, play solo vs squads. I did not push at all in season 2. I was somewhere near diamond at the end but after playing 250 rounds of solo vs squad, I had a K/D of 6.4 which according to me is very decent at 250 rounds.

5.Practice Make a Man Perfect:

Training Camp is very, very important. High damage guns like AKM, Groza, MK14 are very important at close range fights so practice controlling their recoils.

Lastly, Practice 4 finger claw style of play. If you are going to play solo vs squads, you have the go against 4 Player at a time. In that case, you need to shoot, aim, and move/jump all at a time. But to do this you need 4 fingers working at a time.

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