How to Get Stylish Names in PUBG Mobile Season 13

In PUBG Mobile when we create our ID then PUBG asked us to create a username that is also known as our PUBG Game Id or Character Name. Sometimes we choose the wrong username for our PUBG Character. But In PUBG Mobile, players can add different characters and symbols to their names. To change your name, a player needs to have a rename card in their inventory. Players add stylish symbols or characters to their in-game PUBG Mobile names to look cooler.

So To Change that name you require a few simple steps that I am going to tell you in this article.

PUBG mobile allows players to add a variety of stylish icons and edit their game names. The cooler your name looks, the more famous a player comes to their friend’s list.

Step 1:

PUBG Mobile Shop And Treasures
PUBG Mobile Shop And Treasures

At first, you need a Rename Card. If you already have a name changer card in your inventory then you can use that from your inventory. But, If you don’t have a Name changer card then just go to “Shop” and select “Treasure” to buy a Rename Card. Usually, Rename Card costs around 180 UC,  So you can buy it from there.

Step 2:

Now after purchasing the name changer card go to your inventory and select the last box option. Now scroll a little bit and select the PUBG Rename Card. Then Click On Use. Then tap on the Box to change your name and add special symbols to it.

Step 3:

Visit the NickFinder website to get thousands of special characters and nicknames. On this website, you can select “Cool Text Generator” to get fancy names for yourself. Or you can try “Fancy Text Symbols” to get hundreds of stylish symbols for your in-game character name.

I hope you guys are now fully Understand that how you can use the Rename card in PUBG Mobile to Get Stylish Names in PUBG Mobile.

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