How to Download GTA 5 on Android?

Today, we are going to talk about the topic of “How to Download GTA 5 on Android?”. Grand Theft Auto V is an action-adventure game created by Rockstar North 2013 and published by Rockstar Games. This is the first major entry in the Grand Theft Auto series since 2008 with Grand Theft Auto IV. The Open World design allows players to roam freely in the open countryside of San Andreas and the fictional city of Los Santos, based on Los Angeles.

What is GTA 5?

Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V

There aren’t many action-adventure games that bring organized crime to life, as well as Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5). GTA 5 is an action-adventure game that takes you into the world of organized crime. You can play the game from a third or first-person perspective. You could be the mob boss of Los Santos in the state of San Andreas. But, you also know that the GTA V is not available on Android! You will be happy to discover that there are ways around this problem. The reasons are not far-reaching that GTA V is not available on Android. But you have to keep reading to know it.

Why can’t I play GTA 5 on Android?

Basically, GTA 5 is not developed for Android. Android phones now run on Heard of OctaCore or NanoCore with eight processing cores or more. And These new era phones come with 8-16 GB of built-in RAM. Despite the impressive growth in the development of Android phones, they are still not equipped to run games like GTA 5.

Reasons for not having GTA V on Android:

  • GTA 5 file size is as big as 72 GB!
  • GTA 5 requires 2 GB of dedicated video card memory space to play.
  • The graphics of the game are too much for the processing power of any phone.
  • This game is the best to play on a system running an Intel Octa-Core processor with 8GB of RAM.

At the moment, you can see it beyond the reach of natively found, installed and playing GTA 5 on Android. That’s why the makers of GTA V’s Rockstar Games have not stopped making Android versions of the game. If you want to play GTA 5 on Android that means maybe you don’t have a gaming computer that can handle the game.

The Real Truth of APK And OOB Files

You will find lots of videos on YouTube promising to show you how to get GTA 5 on mobile. The truth is, there is nothing like a GTA 5 APK file. I’m not saying you won’t find any. Actually, you’ll find plenty. But they’re all fake! In fact, some of these apps could harm your phone or steal your private information.

You may ask if the GTA 5 is available in the Google Play Store?

And My Answer is NO! 

This is not all Torment and Despair.

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