How to Defeat the Secret Boss in PUBG Mobile The Ancient Secret Mode

In this article, we’ll talk about ‘The Ancient Secret’ mode in PUBG Mobile and guide you through this new mode Ancient Secret mode guide, how you can get the best loots, and survive till the end to get the Chicken Dinner in Ancient Secret mode.

What is Ancient Secret mode in PUBG Mobile?

Indeed, it is only an occasion where alongside playing your standard game at Erangel and Miramar, you are going to discover “Floating Temples” at a couple of spots on the guide. There will be a secret mummy boss to defeat the one you got immense loot.

So there are two important features of this mode:

  • Secret Boss Challenge
  • Floating Ruins/ Temples

Where to find the Floating Temples?

Floating Temples
Floating Temples

You will find these temples in 3 random places in Erangel and Miramar respectively. These will be marked as orange tents on the mini-map, so you can easily track their locations.

How to Solve the Puzzle of Floating Temples?

There are rooms with a treasure chest filled with loots. However, you can only open them after you solve the puzzle in that room. There can be four kinds of puzzles:

Puzzle of Floating Temples
Puzzle of Floating Temples
  • Lotus puzzle
  • Scarab puzzle
  • Animal puzzle
  • Sphinx puzzle

You need to solve easy mystery puzzles like this:

  • Rotate and match the position of the four given figures on the wall as given below.
  • Predict where there are the least number of players on the map at present.
  • Light up all the 9 pieces of pictures on the wall by pressing on each figure.
  • Carefully arrange the picture pieces as wanted in the pattern which will be given below the puzzle.
Rewards from the Puzzle
Loots from the Puzzle

Secret Boss Challenge:

Mummy Boss Of Foating Temples
Mummy Boss Of Floating Temples

In each sanctuary, you will discover one mummy chief. On the principal floor, you will discover two sculptures, looking like circles, on two alternate extremes sides. At the point when you go close to them you will discover the ‘actuate’ button. On being actuated, the mummy supervisor is brought.

How to Kill the Mummy Boss?

The mummy chief or the “guardian” will before long call snakes to shield herself. Make a point to execute those snakes too as they are going to diminish your wellbeing quickly. On being killed, the snakes leave a lot of ammunition, so ammunition won’t be an issue here.

Try to focus on the mummy manager’s head to diminish her wellbeing quicker. On low wellbeing, she will consider a dust storm and veer off your consideration while she keeps on diminishing your wellbeing. Be that as it may, on being executed eventually, she will leave you with a fortune with the most ideal plunder from AWM to Groza and even the Ghillie suit!

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