How to Control Recoil With Attachments in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular multiplayer mobile games in India. This game had has Memorial success in India. This game comes with the Different types of weapons that all have their unique mechanics to Control Recoil With Attachments. Every weapon has its own function and needs some time to get used to it. Like many other multiplayer shooting games, PUBG has embedded a recoil process in its guns. And we can Control Recoil With Attachments in PUBG Mobile.

What is Recoil in PUBG Mobile?

Recoil refers to a gun’s spring-back action while shooting. It is simply defined as a spread of bullets during a fire or during fire how much weapon shakes. It depends upon which gun you equipped with and how you control that gun. Because of recoil, you won’t kill the enemy at mid or long-range hence you need to learn to control it. Either recoil is horizontal or vertical. To control the recoil of any gun PUBG given some attachments like grips. Want to know more about controlling recoil then see the below article.

Luckily, PUBG has weapon attachments that reduce arms conflict and make the lives of players easier. It is helpful to know which attachments help players to shoot better and more accurately. Each type of weapon has different types of Attachment in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Grips: You should know everything

PUBG Mobile: Thumb Grip

Thumb Grip
Thumb Grip

Many players vouch for the vertical grip to be better than the thumb grip, however, the thumb grip secures this position for its versatility. The thumb grip reduces recoil on a good scale, but not as good as the vertical grip. The winning functionality though is that it reduces the time taken to open a scope. Not to mention, it aides weapon stability. Hence, with improved ADS (Aim Down Sight), good recoil recovery, and higher weapon steadiness, this is a phenomenal attachment for scoped weapons.

PUBG Mobile: Half Grip

Half Grip
Half Grip

The most versatile grip among the ones available in the half grip, because it offers certain valuable upgrades to a gun recoil. When in combat, what a gamer needs best is the ability to shoot at and stay on target. The half grip fairly reduces recoil and most importantly improves recoil recovery. It also allows a player to get better-aimed shots at the enemy, while also getting in a greater number of shots. It does do a better job at controlling the vertical recoil than it does with horizontal recoil, but the quick recovery trumps all other shortcomings. One major shortcoming is that the weapon steadiness is reduced while using this attachment. Hence, it would be better to use this grip with generally steady weapons, such as the UMP9, AUG A3, and the Vector.

PUBG Mobile: Vertical Grip

Vertical Grip
Vertical Grip

A favorite among many, the vertical grip is an appropriate choice for weapons with a strong vertical kick. Which would be the Beryl M762 and the Tommy Gun. As we all know, it is the only attachment compatible with the Tommy Gun, an SMG. The vertical grip, like the half grip and thumb grip, is quite versatile. The point to be noted is that vertical recoil is predictable, however, the horizontal recoil isn’t as it goes both ways. This makes the vertical grip slightly less useful. But there is no denying that it offers good weapon stability, which is extremely important during bursts.

PUBG Mobile: Angled Grip

Angled Grip
Angled Grip

The best grip for SMGs and ARs, the angled grip makes a significant difference to the horizontal recoil when in steady-state. Another plus for this grip is that, like thumb grip, this grip offers better ADS speed. Now, where this grip loses out to its counterparts is when it comes to weapon steadiness. This counteracts the reduction in horizontal recoil, which makes this a less favorable grip.

PUBG Mobile: Light Grip

Light Grip
Light Grip

When it comes to taking single shots, unarguably the light grip is the best. It offers stable guns like the Vector or UMP9 amazing accuracy. It has the best weapon stability, but exchanges that for a high recoil; especially vertical recoil. Though it makes the weapon steadier, there is a reason why this is in the last position. And that would be because the grip isn’t versatile. If caught off-guard in a close-quarter or medium-quarter combat situation, then the light grip will be of no use. This is best used with DMRs like the SKS.

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PUBG Mobile Others Attachment

PUBG Mobile Muzzle: Compensator


The compensator works to compensate for what your weapon recovers when fired. This reduction in a collision increases weapon accuracy, making it easier to spray the enemy with fully automatic assault rifles and sub-machine guns.

  • 10% (AR), 20% (SMG, Sniper) Reduction in Horizontal Recoil.
  • 15% (AR), 25% (SMG), 20% (Sniper) Reduction in Vertical Recoil.
  • 25% (AR, SMG, Sniper) Reduction in Recoil Pattern.

PUBG Mobile Muzzle: Flash Hider

Flash Hider
Flash Hider

The main focus of Flash Hider is to remove the muzzle flash weapons produced during the firing. This means it will become harder for enemies when you are shooting – the muzzle flash is easier to see over long distances. The flash hider also slightly reduces weapon recoil as well.

  • 10% Reduction in Horizontal Recoil (AR, SMG, Sniper).
  • 10% Reduction in Vertical Recoil (AR, SMG, Sniper).
  • 10% Reduction in Recoil Pattern (AR, SMG, Sniper).
  • Complete Elimination of Muzzle Flash (AR, SMG, Sniper).

PUBG Mobile Muzzle: Suppressor


The suppressor reduces the sound of making a weapon when fired. It helps to keep your position unknown to enemies to hide behind enemy lines. It only reduces the sound, it does not remove it.

  • 5% Reduction in Deviation (AR, SMG, Sniper, Pistol)
  • Complete Elimination of Muzzle Flash

Which one is best in PUBG?

For an SMG: compensator is best. SMG’s are most useful at short range, and let’s face it, most gunfights in PUBG are medium to long-range, so if you have an AR you will probably use that. However, in early- and late-game an SMG may win you fights in smaller areas. In this case, you will most likely be spraying, and therefore a compensator will be of most use.

For an assault rifle: stealthy play – suppressor, aggressive play – compensator. Anytime you want to spray, you will want the compensator – this is most likely in early- and late-game when there are a lot of people in a small area. You can use AR’s with single shots for stealthy plays, and in this case, you would most likely prefer the suppressor.

For a sniper: suppressor is best. It has the muzzle flash elimination effects of a flash hider, and you will not need recoil reduction as the majority of the time you will be using single shots (bolt action rifles Kar98k, AWM, M24, Win94 are only single shot).

How to control Your Spray in PUBG?

As an additional note, if you can control the conflict of arms, you will not need to compensate for it. This makes the compensator look useless, and you can take advantage of flash hiders and suppressors to eliminate puzzle flash and reduce noise.

However, control your spray is a fine art and difficult to master.

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