How To Control Recoil of AKM in PUBG Mobile

In PUBG Mobile AKM is the Most Powerful and Popular Gun in PUBG which is easily findable everywhere in any Map. It takes 7.62mm ammo. However, due to its superior conflict, not everyone can catch it or say that most players avoid it and choose M416 or M762 instead. But here I want to share my experience To Control Recoil of AKM  and why I always hold on to it. I’ll tell you how you can control its recoil.

What attachment to equip on the AKM and Tips To Control Recoil :

Compensator :


Compensator is an attachment which is easily available and is used to control recoil of AR, SMGs etc. Because Compensator reduces the gun’s recoil when attached. This makes shots more stable, the weapon more controllable, especially when being continuously fired. Compatible With Assault Rifles This attachment is compatible with Assault Rifles and is highly sought after to control the weapon’s recoil. Using an AR compensator will reduce the vertical recoil by 15% and the horizontal recoil will be compensated by 10% making it easier to control the AKM in auto mode.

Red Dot, Holographic Sight or 2x Scope :

Because of AKM is a Short range Gun you don’t need to attach above 2x scopes. Always try or attach Red Dot, Holo or 2x scope if its hard to play with dot or Holo. This will also help you to Control AKM’s recoil.

So these are the best attachments and to control AKM recoil, I hope this will definitely help you.

How to control the recoil of AKM 

Drag-Down Method :

To master the technique start dragging your free look finger down while you are shooting. However, You need to use two finger firing for you to fire with one finger and drag down on the screen while shooting using the other finger. Most of the pro players do use this method already and this is not only applicable for AKM. But a great way to control the recoil of any gun in the game.

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