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Best Gun Combinations For Close Range Fight in PUBG Mobile

Many of these come from a combination of the weapons you use. Each gun in the game is designed for a different purpose and can give great results if operated right. Small circle area means opponents can kill you before you can shoot. Of course, bringing a sniper rifle with a 4x to 8x scope to the last circle of the PUBG mobile is never a good idea. These versatile weapons allow you to shoot in a variety of modes, yet throw out an incredible amount of damage. Let’s test them!

Mini 14 and Scar-L :

Mini 14 and Scar-L
Mini 14 and Scar-L

Mini 14 is one of the fastest DMR in the game. Meanwhile, Scar-L has always one of the trusty Assault Rifle since the release of PUBG Mobile. It is easy to control but does not leave the possibility of damage. Combine these, and you’ve got a deadly combo for the latest circle. In addition, they both use 5.56 rounds of ammunition, so you don’t have to carry too much ammunition.

UZI and Beryl M762 :

UZI and Beryl M762
UZI and Beryl M762

Submachine Guns(SMGs) are designed for close range combat like small zones in the last circle. They cause moderate damage but fire at a surprising rate. In addition, the Uzi also has pretty much no recoil. Pair with a barrel M762 for mid-range fights, then you’re good to go.

M416 and AKM :

M416 and AKM
M416 and AKM

With this dynamic pair of guns, you can basically fight in the first to last circle. They are skilled in fighting in close range with the rate of damage and fire. Completely control the frustration and you will catch the eye of enemies. However, be sure to get the appropriate scopes for bonus benefits. Some players, especially newbies, often go for the double AR option and the AKM Plus M416 could be the ultimate combo.

At least i will says that the Choosing any Combination is all based on your playstyle. However, the three combos we have suggested above are great recommendations to try.

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